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Nicolas Cléroux (NOTTOC) was born on September 8th 2001 in Timmins, Ontario, a small town in northern Ontario. His family then moved to Orleans Ontario before settling down in Embrun Ontario, a small town near Ottawa. 

NOTTOC grew up with various music influences, notably Linkin Park, Michael Jackson, Crazy Frog and obviously Drake. 

This created a wide range of genre's that inspired the sound developped by NOTTOC.


In 2016, NOTTOC started playing around with an application called FL Studio 12. The 15 year old knew right away that music would now take up a huge part of his mind and life. He also started to write rhymes in his notebook that he thought would be "cool" to hear in the current music scene. 


In high school, he would always have earphones in his ears and was known for his ability to discover great music that wasn't mainstream. After school and in between Soccer or Hockey games, he would make beats with his keyboard and his Ableton live application loaded onto his laptop. 

It is only in 2022 that NOTTOC started recording and releasing his music after years of writing and producing idea's that helped him get through his day to day life. 

He is now releasing music for everyone to hear and hopes that his music can help other's with their own situations. 

"I hope that my music can help you guys fight through difficult times but also help you guys turn up in the happiest times".


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